Thursday, September 11, 2008


~tiramisu moon cake~

hi guy, i have never tell u guy who is very BFF is, Claudia.. we have went through alot together, and even went to NS together and in the same camp K.. haha.. we are super closed.. and she's such a sweet heart.. i have NO idea for how long we know each other... wat i know is VERY LONGGG.. well she was working in STARBUCKS part-time.. well as u guys know.. now is the moon cake festival thing.. and STARBUCKS have their very own moon cake.. well i wanted to buy.. but to expensive le.. haha.. then today.. i went to her house, then went to pasar malam... haha. kaki pasar malam.. and keropok lekor king and queen.. haha.. then after pasar malam, i went to lepak in her house lo.. then le.. she ask me.. hey u wan moon cake ah.. i say don't 1.. STARBUCKS 1 leh... i say.. wan wan wan.. haha... beh pei seh a lang... haha..well thanks Claudia.. how is taste.. super good... well she gave me the tiramisu 1.. and is really really good.. love you Claudia...BFF..