Thursday, October 30, 2008

Erwin Kros Christopher... (my new nephew)

hi guys i have not been updating my blog for awhile..
to lazy la..
well i hav not talk about my new born nephew.. well u guy know I'm a mix of so many.. well if I'm a mix of so many well his even more LOL .. Indian, Chinese, Thai, and Russian.. haha.. well his super cute.... and his a charming little baby boy... well wats his name? Erwin Kos Christopher.. nice name... well its was a family decision on the name.. nice nice. luv him.. enjoying every moment wit his... for now he cry's, sleep, eat, shit, smile, and look cute.. well batter enjoy the time now where he cant talk yet.. when he start talking and demanding... that's the time will go.. his not charming anymore.. well a kid will alwys be a KID... but is ok la.. the 1st grandchild im my family.. so we are really going to spoiled him.. well is already stared.. his so cute la... awwwwwwww.. hahaha.. ok la.. that all about this little boy...
more blogs to come guys...
luv ya..

1 month 2 weeks
1 month 2 weeks

2 weeks
4 days
4 days
awwww.... his so cute.... muakz