Friday, January 4, 2008

wat happen in 2007..

hi guys is been a long time that i did not blog a d... just to go true back 2007 and c how and wat i did..
well begining of the year was ok lah.. only when can all the exams and al that only things change.... but when true it.. din realy get the result that i want but still when true it.. the after the last sem of faundation in tar which was in may.. decided to change collge ... i went to ipg.. whic i still regeret..

cos the food in ipg sucks badly and talking about the teachers... some are realy super good and some ae realy super bad lah... but most of them are realy nice.. but i like it now cos my frends in tar are realying sufering cos, the standard in tar hav realy gone very high.. so im ok loh.. but still no difrents.. even i got 60% of coursework and 40% finnal, is still very hard for me.. cos im not a bookworm... well that is all for me an my education life..

well no aboout my family.. well my mom use to be a very garang mom in 2006, and she din realy go out much.. only wit selected plp only.. but in middle of 2007, my mom have change a bit and she more easy now.. but still not that easy on me yet.. but i thank GOD for that litte chage also.. me and my sis are still super closed.. for we can be separated.. cos we hav went true a lot togather.. so its imposible.. even we fight a lot.. but we still can forget about it and hav fun.. GREAT SISTER I HAVE... my dad is still the same. no difrents.. only thing is that he bought me a realy cool cam..which i realy like..LOL.. my bro got a rusia gf.. hopefully geting maried this year.. ok that is all about my family in 2007..

now about my love life.. im sure u guys want to know.... well i wont let your know to much.. is just that tis person is very much difrent compare to all me X... this person is funny.. and this person have its own way in doing things and saying things... we were togather for about only 2 months.. but its was a very interesting relaionship.... but now its over... dont ask y.. OK.. but i still hav a place for this person in my heart.. but hav to still continue in life rite... MISS YOU D.... ok that all about my love life...

now is about me, myself and i.. hehe.. ok lah i had a very rough year.. went true a lot of pain, stress, hurt, rejection, backstab, and no love.. but in the middle of the year i found my way out which is true GOD.. oh guys u have to know this person... he is the best doctor and the best fren you can ever find..His name is JESUS.. he is the most cool person on planet.. wit him u can get everything. only thing is that u have to be realy closed to him.. when i found him my life became much more easy to leave in, and he make my lfe more easy to leave in.. rite now.. even i got true somemany things, i know he is beside me and makeing it easy... that why im still alive.. HIS GREAT. so guys come to me. and i will let you know him.. ok?

ok that is all about 2007..

have a great new year