Wednesday, January 23, 2008

for now

hi guy's.. well its been a long time i did not blog 2.. as your know i use to blog like at list once a week.. well life is getting more hard..and busy.. i have lots of assignments.. and presentation.. but I'm still the same old me.. but still looking fabulous.. nothing can pull me down for looking fabulous..haiz.. well still life got to go on rite..

well i have this 2 great frens who is Ian and Ben...well this guys are some1 who make your day a sunny day if u had a dark day.. well ben is now in KL and Ian is gonna leave to AUS very very soon.. and which I'm very sad also.. :( even he is this blur guy, but there is something in him that is very clear that is his warm heart that he have and that he share wit others.... haiz wat to do.. life still got to go on rite.. well guys I'm really going to miss u guys..A LOT...

OK wat about my life now.. well i don't know actually..the only thing is that in really really tired of life and college.. the only thing i wan a good vacation sponsor by some1.. bcos I'm very tired.. and no money to go on a vacation.. i there anybody out there that can sponsor me a vacation..COME AND SAVE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

ok gtg.. have fun in life guys.. and GOD BLESS YOU ALL..