Monday, February 4, 2008

another boring day in college

hi guy.. long time no see.. lol.. well guy rite now im in class.. listenig to presentations.. i just finnish my turn.. haha.. how i did.. i dont know.. well the topic is macbook air.. its geting boring.. so decided.. just to blog..
well im coming back to D again.. just cant get over it.. haiz. is to hard lah.. well im still in the dating zone..haha.. well im still young guys.. so we must hav fun..for we still hav time.. we cant be having fun when we are 60 rite..hehe.. that will be crazy. OK.. well.. thats is all for now.. will blog when im free..
there is a lot of pictures for me to show your.. as your know im a cam whore.. LOL.. ok guy.. till next time
much love from me