Thursday, March 13, 2008

gone by

life sometimes is just now fair. love is something that is scared. but sometimes when you share it wit the person you love, it becomes something very beautiful, i just realised something about love, is not how much you are willing to share with the other person or how much the other person is willing to share wit you. its about how much you willing to sacrifice for the person and really accepting the person, and to really give time to the person to express its inner self. the problem is not about how much you love the person, its about how much you are willing to sacrifice and how much you are willing to accept. accepting another individual to ones life is not easy, that's why in any kinds of relationship is has to take time and a slow process to really accept the one. never fall into someone hand 100%, cos when you fall into someone hands 100% you will not be able to get back the 100% when the person has no interest in you. love in not an easy thing, but the most beautiful love that one may experience its gods love. for he have died on the cross for use. and his love is shade among us. HIS LOVE IS AMAZING. well wat i wanna say is love is something scared, and we must be able to willing to sacrifice a certain things and willing to accept the person for who they are and take time.