Tuesday, March 11, 2008

old life

hi guys. long time no blog.. LOL.. well guys I'm having a sem break now.... well is another boring sem break. well going to be working like next week. but i real hope i get a job.. lol.. anyway.. im totally over wit 'D' a d.. D has someone now, and is also a decision i make that i will not be sad. but I'm really missing him. my the time that i had. haizzz.... wat to do.. partner comes and goes, money comes and goes, peple comes and goes. but my heart will never come and go. IT STAYS. well that is what im facing. but this is just something minor. but im having some major problem now. hard to say. sometimes i just i could be a young kid again. cos when you are a young kid, u don't have to bother about anything and the only thing is on you will have on mind in TOYS.. lol.. well everyone has to grow up and be someone one day.. HAIZ.. ok lah gtg a d. take care guys.