Monday, June 16, 2008

Plannig for my Bro's wedding

Hi guys, well i hav been very very buzy lately, why?

i have been planning my bros wedding, we only got to know about him going to marry like only 3weeks before the wedding, so i started going mad, cos when he told us, i was still having my finals. but then being me, whatever interest me, i will do it first. so i started planing his wedding and finding for places for the wedding reception to be held.. and practically sleeping 3am every single i decide to go to Google map and find for hotels or resorts near PJ, cos the wedding mass was in PJ Assumption Church.. my parents went to KL to go to the Hotels in PJ to find out on the pricing and the details on the Ballroom.. and me i went true the net, to look out for hotel.. all done by HOME..LOL.. well guess wat.. all of them decide to go wit my choice, it was Tropicana Golf and Country Resort.. i was a very nice place, and the price was also not bad.. i will recommend people to go there cos, the food is good, nice place, and good price.. well i did every single thing by phone and email, all the discussion was done by that... only 1 week b4 the wedding i went to see the place and to do some arrangement.. the place is really really nice and then we went to the bridal house to do some fitting on the dress and galina look super beautiful...:) and we came back to penang to do some last minute preparation for the wedding.. and then 1 day b4 the wedding we were there.. to see the final setting or the ballroom and some other last minute preparation..well being a wedding planner is not really a nice thing when u are only give 3weeks to plan a whole wedding..OMG.. and then "THE DAY" arrive.. i was more nervous then my BRO.. OMG.. being me.. i wan things to be perfect, so i decide to have a check list and an agenda of the whole day.. so that we don't get lose track on wat we need to do.. there is to many things happening in 1 day..there was the mass, the "Yum Cha"(Chinese tea presentation), outdoor shooting, and the reception.. well when i arrive at the ballroom on that day.. was kinda liking the place, cos the room really look nice.. and the the dinner went on, and im the MC of the day and to mention i was also the best man..LOL.. and the we had slides run tru the whole time on my bro and sis-in-law. and we also had slide presentation on the "Andrews Family" (my dad side) it was a slide presentation on the family activities and MY GRANDMA.. well the whole thing was good.. cos u know why.. I PLANED THE WEDDING U FOOL....LoL