Monday, June 16, 2008

hi guys

hi guys, is been a long time that i hav not blog...

cos i was to buzy

" " " to lazy

" " had no time

haha.. well there is some many things that had happen since the last blog well wat happen:

1st: finals
2nd: Holiday
3rd: Planing for my bro's wedding
4th: gave a session on Hip Hop Dance for Creative Camp
5th: My Bros wedding
6th: I bought the HPwhich i wanted
7th: Outing wit Ben, Ian, De'Ken, Myra, Jennifer and Claudia
8th: When out wit Ian to queesbay to but his grocery's..LOL and ya watch The Hulk..

So this is all soon to come blogs... and ya.. the extra time of all this event.. I HAV BEEN WORKING, LIKE MAD DOG.. wait..soon to be publish..haha

c ya