Saturday, May 17, 2008

makan in gurney

i when for lunch to gurney for lunch on Wednesday.. we went to WONG KOK to eat.. i din really eat cos, i pack my mom nasi lemak to college, it was a big packet so decided to share wit my frens also, so i went to WONG KOK to eat the butter bun and the char siew puff kinda thing.. and i was super heavy after that cos i stuff my self wit to muck of food.. well then we when and walk walk to digested out but something happen in WONG KOK, where was this old man about 70plus was there eathing too.. he order 5 soya bean and 7 egg tart, i really felt pity for him cos he hand was all shaking and he cant really eat properly.. the auntie waterest told us that he come every day and order the same thing all the time... kesian la.. then when we went jalan jalan, after a few minutes of walking we went to toilet. anc we started to cam whore in toilet a d.. hahaha..