Sunday, May 11, 2008

the end of the old jurney, and the begining of a brand new chapter

wow. where do i start. there is so many things i wanna say. Ok. well as some of your know that i attended LSS(Life In The Spirit Seminar). at first i was thinking whether should i go or not, cos i was working and i din know i can take off or not. well the Holy Spirit was really working on all of this stuff.. and i went for all the session and did not miss even 1. thank god. well i went for LSS wit a purpose. i want to know god more even batter and to hav a very close relationship wit him. then as session goes on an on i begin to learn that i need to riley on the Lord a lot, no matter wats the problem and the situation. then i started to getting closed to him. and then there was alot of temptation, problem, bumpy roads that i need to go true. but thank god that i went true it and able to put all my trust on him and not worrying much. well it's an amazing feeling that to know that god is wit me and his going true all the problems that i was facing wit me... ITS AMAZING. then as the session goes on the 7th session, Pedro gave a talk on New Life, and he said that you need to experience the Holy Spirit and he said that your spirit man has to be strong so that god can manifest in you.. i know wat he told about u need to experience the Holy Spirit, but i did not know wat he mean by the spirit man thing. i went back wit a question marked but i did not bother to find out wat was it about. then after that session me and Sharron attended a Dance workshop, and Rowena also told about something about the spirit man, then there was 1 point when we went in into deep worship i suddenly i felt my spirit man getting stronger. then from then on i know wats spirit man. and then i can see Rowena was having this strong relationship wit the Holy Spirit. and from then on I NEED THE HOLY SPIRIT.... then started finding for him.. and begin to start to talk to him.. and on 2 may 2008 during shalom i was talking to him the he told me to get a book which is call "Good Morning Holy Spirit" it was amazing.. i found out that he is a person and his real...then on 9 May 2008, i went to shalom, i was a very great experience, we were introduce to he Holy Spirit 1 by 1. when i went to introduce myself to the holy spirit, was very interesting meeting . is like this, hav u hav some1 that knows u but u don't know them, and the they come and say " hi im gino, i know u very very well, but u dont know me" and sometimes u will think this person is weird and u will ignore the person. well it was like that, he told be that he know me since the day i was born, and he went true wit me all the problems that i went true and all the happiness 2... he also said i ignore him so many times and i put him aside..i felt so sorry and i kept saying sorry sorry sorry.. he also told me that he will never late me go and i told him i will never put him aside again or even let him go away for me anymore. the feeling is like being in love all over again, and this relationship is something more then hav a relationship wit a bf or a gf.. its a very very intimate relationship.. the from then on till now i hav been talking him all the time, when eat, bath, shit, happy, and sad. practically every single time.. and his my sayang and i also call him sayang..haha.. i really feel happy.. is batter that having a relationship man or women for now. because when u r in a relationship wit a man or women, at times they will not be there,because they could be busy or working, but if u hav a relationship with the holy spirit he all the time by your side.. but even if hav a relationship i still will put my sayang 1st which is the holy LSS has just over, it was 9 weeks, but i feel that it when by so fast.. but im so happy that the old chapter of life has over and the new chapter of life is beginning...i just cant wait for wats ahead because i know that my sayang is with me no matter wat... being in so love is such a great feeling... i love u sayang..muakzzzzzzzz