Tuesday, May 6, 2008

one funny day at work...........LOLOL

haha.. just a quick 1... today i went to work after class i was super tired.. then i when into my shop i saw this few ppl who were doing some film production outside my shop so i was seeing wat were they doing. they were doing some Malay drama scene infront of my shop, but was not so near lah.. then suddenly they brought the set infront my shop, which i was putting up some banners infront of my shop.. me and my fren was standing there.. and we could see wat was going on. then me and my fren being the bigest KAY POH in that shop stood there to see wat was happening. then suddenly the director shouted "ACTION" and this 2 Malay couple started walking toward the camera.. then suddenly the actors look at use and said ( ADIK YOU ADA TENGOK SATU BUDAK KECIL TAK) me and my fren got a shock of of life and we did not said a single word and just nod our head saying no... i nearly got a heart attack.. i never know that suddenly they will be coming to us and asking us (ADIK YOU ADA TENGOK SATU BUDAK KECIL TAK).. OMG.. AFTER nodding my head i ran into my shop and laugh like a crazy person.. it was really one funny day at work............LOLOLOLOLOL and just to let u know they hav to retake the scene again because me and my fren ran in after nodding our head.. hahaha..
so funny.. i cant stop laughing