Thursday, July 3, 2008

picnic wit the gang again

haha.. we hav a picnic wit the gang again at tanjung tokong, infront naza hotel.. well it was fun.. and i had a great time.. we went to pulau tikus.. to get stuff to makan.. we bought a lot of food.. i don't even remember, wat we had.. anyway... we had a fun time... then claudia gave this pandai idea to catch crap, and then ben, ian and claudia end up catching crap... OMG... it was so funny seeing them running after the crap... like a person going to catch a chicken wit just his hands..lolol.. then we went to 1stop to get a DVD to watch in IAN hse.. then we went to his hse to continue lepak and watch the movie we beli and eat the balanced food lol...anyway this are some of the pics that we took......enjoy!!!!!!!!!