Friday, July 4, 2008

stop work

Never work here people

or this wit company

ah pei

me, ah hock (the pervet which i hate him) and wei sen

me and wei sen

me ah boi ( my titi)

me, ah boi, and i forget his name a

and some of your guys know.. i was working.. well im not working anymore.. 1 reason is that i wanted to concentrate more this sem on my studies cos, the subj for this sem is super susah.., second is i hate my job, i hate the people whoi work wit and my idiotic boss.. he think he is so smart.. actually is 1 BIG FAT STUPID ASS!!!!!!!... he can make money.. but not make a good living out of it.. he hav no respect for people, and people also dont hav respect for him, he thinks people hav respect for him, but is not respect is fear.. well i dont respect him and i dont fear him at all.. cos i think if u dont know how to respect your stuff and treat them like slave.. not me.. cos im most of the time not working ... i will not recpect him.. haha.. well i dont think i would ever 1 to work wit him ever again.. well some of the promoters there are nice.. like ah boy, wei sen, anna, ah pei, and my supervisor poh in..