Sunday, April 27, 2008

God is amazing

just to tell some of you guys know that I'm a catholic, i have wanted to dance for GOD all my life.. but i know only how to dance in my own way.. but recently i went to a dance workshop, to learn how to dance flags, banners, wings and tambourine... just to let you guys know.. if were to give a performance infront of the King of Malaysia, im sure that you would want to give all your best and don't even 1 to think to do a mistake... So wat about the King of all Kings which is Jesus.. I'm sure that you will want to give him 110% of your performance and you would want the performance to be fit for a King... well that is what i wanted.. i wanted to give 110% to God when i worship him.. bcos worshiping HIM is something that is very special to me and when im his presence, its amazing.. its hard to describe... u will only know it, if you hav been in the presence of the LORD... GOD IS AMAZING..
well to continue wit the dance workshop.. 1 word... AWESOME... God presence was so powerful and i felt that i was in heaven. during the flag workshop... God presence was even stronger... god presence was there since the day that the dance workshop started..
why do u use Flags? to praise and worship, its a instrument of declaration, expressions & communication, warfare and rallying point, intercession & petition and adornment. It is written Psalm 20:5 we will rejoice in your salvation, and in the name of our God we will set up our banners! may the LORD fulfill all your petitions...
flags, banners, wings and tambourine is all not something new.. its all written in the bible... it shows that it has been there for a long long time ago.. and im sure, in heaven angles are using all this instrument everyday... WOW.. that's cool.. i think that we hav the most coolest God that anyone could ever hav.. and Rowena ( the facilitator) she is very very good.. she and the holy spirit is like frens... i which i could be like her, and i know i take a lot to be like her.... and she is a very creative person..
well the workshop help me in so many ways... bcos a liturgical dance has meaning in every step you dance, and you need to know wat you are doin b4 you dance... which the workshop really help me.. even its just 2 day.. but i felt i learn a lot.. God really do things in his way.. that is why his call the King of Kings..:) well some of you might be thinking wat im writing about... and some of you may know wat im saying.. but 1 think i can tell you guys that if you give GOD 110%, he will give u double the amount...
and ya i forgot to say that.... Friday charismatic was amazing also... i call it the warrior worship... cos i felt that, it was life a group of army walking into the presence of the Lord... GOD IS AMAZING... and he is COOL... and im sure about that ppl... GIVE HIM 110%
Gino carlos