Wednesday, April 16, 2008


hi ppl.. is really be a long time i have not blog a d...i hav been really buzy.. alot of ppl hav been asking me to update my blog.. buy im to lazy....well to let u guys know im working part time now.. im really tired everyday and sleepy every day.. and my lag is like really really paining.. i really wan a foot massage.. well will wait for my gaji to come out 1st.. well your must be thinking why an i working.. its bcos i wanna buy a new HP... is wanna get a sony ericsson which is Z610.. i going to get the blue 1..... haha.. well wat about my life.. well im in a short sem for this sem mid term is like next week and im so scared cos i hav not even studied yet.. cos i hav been working.. LOL.. well i know i hav to find time to study.. well im going to..this new sem is kinda fun.. only 2 subj and not so stresful loh..

well just to let u guys know.. i like someone in my college now... but leh this person is not interested in me.. but nvm la.. im so not soooo into this person yet.. but i like this person personality.. but looks.. okok niah lah.. well i hav not been taking a lot of pics recently cos.. to buzy.. and didnt go out that much.. but miss a lot of my old frens hoping to catch up wit them... and now also im going to a course in church which is call Life In the Sprit Seminar... is to depan your relationshp wit God. and to go true life more smothly.. Loving God is a Great fealling.. muakxx Jesus.. and my life is going great cos.. no realationship.. and i dont really hav to care for anyone and dont hav to think much.. just enjoy m y single life.. and date around... ok la guys gtg a d k.. till next time

much love