Thursday, August 28, 2008

Fashion do's and don't...

girl vest & guys vest....
there is a total difference wit a girl vest and a guy vest... guys please be careful when you buy stuff k, a girls vest has a more deeper V cut, and a guys vest has a very small V cut in the front

Girl Vest

Guys Vest

Guys Be Careful

Anime style gone wrong..
well some of the cloths that the anime cartoon dress up are kind nice,
but if u put wit a wrong person, wrong environment and with wrong features,
will turn up to be a total no no.. well we cant blame people rite..

well guys please don't ware some black boot cut pants, a white shirt and whit this bow, and go to a grand ball, please DON'T,

even worst if u are a girl with piercing...
if u have piercing and u need to go for a grand function please do remove it,
cos you will look more presentable and approachable by people..
well if your are not the girly girl and don't want to ware a dress or a skirt to a function, you may ware something like this, is a girl look and you will look hot.. for sure..

Cheongsam Bow Dress..OMG.. total fashion NO NO.... well just to let you guys know some dress are just meant to be on magazine cover not on you... and if u don't really have a very nice body shape.. please don't ware something like pau bak zhang.. OK?

well sad to say that actresses also has fashion dont's and its Channel,
so is not necessary to use something branded,
as long is something not from the fashion no no list and
you been stop by the fashion police
this are some of the BOW dress that is totally a fashion do's looking for a cute bow short dress, this should the the kindmething that is full of GLAM Bow Dress and
nice this should be the kind.. OK people

People is not necessary to go for brands or something expensive, use something that is nice or something that is on the fashion do list.. LOL... luv you guyz....