Wednesday, August 13, 2008


parents are the grates gift that any child can ever have.. they are the people that first brought you to this earth, and that hold you tight.the wan that taughed your first step, feed you, carry you, and toughed you the most things in life, that sometimes we don't even think of.. we always take them for granted... and never appreciate the little things that they do for us, or we just don't take the time to realised it... well dont wait... have some sensing and don't wait till the end to realised it.. appreciate till they are still around...

When I think of all the things you do,the ways in which you care,I'm filled with a sense of gratitudeand pride that is always there.I seldom take the time to tell youthat I'm happy you're my mom and dad;so I'll tell you now what's in my heart,"You're the best that I could have!"

Our Family is acircle of strength and loveWith every birth and every union,the circle grows.Every joy shared adds more love.Every crisis faced togethermakes the circle stronge.

Gazing back over the years,
We can see the times, both good and bad.
You were always there to wipe our tears,
Bandage our hurts, and cheer us when we were sad.

Food, clothing, and shelter you did provide.
Yes. We know it was through sacrifice,
And that it wasn’t an easy ride.
Yet you made sure it was enough to suffice.

You tried to teach us right from wrong,
And while at times if it seems we weren’t listening.
We think you were succeeding all along.
We’re very thankful you kept trying.

Though at times our minds have differed, ‘tis true .
We think that you’ll realize,
That only by walking in your shoes,
Have we been able to see through your eyes.

And with our greater insight,
That helps us see more clearly.
We can see that you steered us right,
And for this we love you dearly.

Thank you both so very much,
For giving us this life. For your love.
For raising us; feeding and clothing, and such. For being the mother and father we love