Monday, August 18, 2008

prom nite

well this is my 1st ever experience to join in to be a prom king candidate.. even i was not the prom king, i had fun, cos my main goal is to hav fun, not to win.. cos to me no mater wat u do in life, you hav to enjoy wat u r doin then only you will do your best.. well it was a real great experience for me, and i took this apportunity to go for shopping haha.. the best part was shopping la.. you know.. i went to 3 shooping mall in 1 day.. how fun is that... gurney to get my belt, prangin to get my shoe and my outfit for queensbay... haha.. well i only spend money for my performance.. others was the cloths that i used for my bros dont wan to waste to much of money.. blekz... lol.. well congrates to charles key and wan wei for being the prom king and queen for 2008.. shabaz..

me wit wan wei
me wit the prom queen

me wit my sis (thanks for coming to support me akka)

wit my sis again..

me wit elyn

me wit wan wei

table 16